After BI developers have completed the design and testing for an SSIS Project, they may require some help from DBAs to deploy project to the SSIS Catalogs.

How To

SSIS Projects  in SQL Server 2012 now use the Integration Services Catalogue (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-GB/library/hh479588.aspx) which is the coordination center for SSIS Project works within Integration Services. The catalog is an SSISDB database within the Database Engine services area in Object explorer, from where you can also view the metadata under “Integration Services Catalogs”.

You can deploy projects either by selecting SSIS Project files (ispac), deploying from SQL Server Data Tools, or deploying projects directly from an existing SSIS Catalog. Follow the steps below to deploy the SSIS Project directly from an existing server.

  1. From Object Explorer, expand Integration Services Catalog and right-click on SSISDB to create a folder. This is the folder you will deploy the SSIS Project to. You can later apply permissions to this folder
  2.  Expand the folder, right-click on ‘Projects’ and click ‘Deploy Project’. The Integration Service Deployment Wizard will show up


3. Click Next and type in the source SQL server instance name. This is where the existing SSIS Project currently lives. The ‘Path’ field will become available after the source instance name is validated. Choose the SSIS project to want to deploy


4. Enter the destination server details (Server name and Path). Click Next

Review the selected deployment options and then Deploy the project.

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