Several ways to check the IP address of the SQL Server you’re connected to. 1. Query the SQL server error log. This works on SQL Server 2012 and above, the search strings is enclosed in double quotes. For lower SQL server versions, try using single quotes 2. Using CONNECTIONPROPERTY 3. Using DMVs, this returns the… Read More

Task After BI developers have completed the design and testing for an SSIS Project, they may require some help from DBAs to deploy project to the SSIS Catalogs. How To SSIS Projects  in SQL Server 2012 now use the Integration Services Catalogue ( which is the coordination center for SSIS Project works within Integration Services. The catalog… Read More

This post is part of a series which walks through the steps required to build a ‘High Availability’ and ‘Disaster Recovery’ (HADR) solution using both AlwaysON technologies. The AlwaysON technologies were introduced in SQL Server 2012 and include Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) and Availability Group (AG). In this series, the focus is on a particular… Read More